We know the Czech Republic and Europe like the back of our hand. Our services in the field of long-distance and multi-day passenger transport are very popular with you, and more than 50% of our activities are carried out in the field of long-distance transport.

You can use our services especially when planning summer and winter holidays, or when implementing sightseeing trips and tours. We are not only able to take you to your destination, but we will wait for you and then take you to the next place specified by you. You don't have to rush with us and you can fully enjoy your free days associated with travel.

And if you want to leave all the organization to us, we are able to provide you with a so-called all-inclusive trip, i.e. incl. accompanying program, meals and possibly also accommodation. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss the details.

You can also use our services in situations where, for example, you miss a plane, or you and your luggage simply cannot fit into your vehicle. We are MAXI transport and MAXI means maximum space for you and your luggage.

Service prices are individual with regard to maximum savings for the customer. You can find out more about prices in our price list.

MAXI transport - we provide a comprehensive service in the field of passenger transport and taxi services. We specialize in long-distance and multi-day transport.