We specialize in long-distance transport of people, transport of people and luggage from and to airports throughout Europe. We also focus on transportation for various parties, weddings, birthday parties, funerals, corporate and cultural events. All this with our modern minibuses for eight people (plus driver).

Together, we have driven more than 4 million kilometers and a total of more than 60 years behind the wheel. We have traveled to more than 60 countries in different cars. We have extensive experience in the field of transporting people, material, goods and operating a taxi service.

As one of the few, we are able to transport your skis and bicycles so that you can use them fully during your vacation. It goes without saying that we provide two-way transportation, we will take you to your destination and then, of course, back home. Our taxis are also equipped with a child car seat, so you can also transport your children with us.

We can also transport you on your summer or winter vacation, from Portugal to Croatia to Turkey. Not excluding the Czech Republic :-). More information about the services we provide can be found here.


This is not a cliché, but the basic building blocks of the services we provide.

With respect to your life paths¨