One of our specialties is the transport of customers to and from airports within the Czech Republic and the whole of Europe. We provide taxi transport by minibuses for up to eight passengers.

Our taxi buses are all in the so-called LONG version, so they are able to accommodate all your suitcases and hand luggage without your luggage reducing the comfort of your ride.

The taxi driver will load and unload the luggage at the destination, so you will have the strength to handle the suitcases inside the airport :-).

As part of the airport taxi, we also offer regular pickups and drop-offs for groups, families, and employees. We also have children's car seats (on request).

The possibility of pre-booking taxi minibus services depending on the time of your departure / arrival. It is therefore possible to order our taxi in advance, taking into account the expected landing / departure time. And as soon as, for example, you pick up your luggage after your arrival, our taxi will be waiting for you in front of the airport.

We also monitor the times and possible delays of individual flights, so if you are delayed, we will not charge you any additional fees for waiting.

List of airports to which we can transfer you and arrive for you:

  • Václav Havel Airport (Ruzyně) Prague Czech Republic
  • Brno – Tuřany Airport Czech Republic
  • Ostrava Mošnov Airport Czech Republic
  • Karlovy Vary Airport Czech Republic
  • M. R. Štefáník Airport Bratislava Slovakia
  • Airport Košice Slovakia
  • Airport Vienna Austria
  • Munich Airport Germany
  • Airport Berlin Germany
  • Frankfurt am Main Airport Germany
  • Airport Katowice Poland
  • Warsaw Airport Poland
  • Amsterdam Airport Holland
  • Paris France Airport
  • Any other not listed within continental Europe

Service prices are individual with regard to maximum savings for the customer and start at 690 CZK within Prague and Václav Havel Airport (former Ruzyně Airport). You can find out more about prices in our price list.

MAXI transport - we provide a comprehensive service in the field of passenger transport and taxi services. We specialize in long-distance and multi-day transport.